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Colorado Science & Engineering Fair

Detailed schedules and information on the following activities can be found in the Finalist's Handbook (pages 6-8). All activities (except where noted) will be held via zFairs.

  • Scientific Review Committee Interviews (only for those requiring one) will be held via Zoom meetings on Monday, March 22nd and Tuesday, March 23rd. 
  • Project Materials must be submitted in zFairs by Wednesday, Marth 24th.
  •  Display & Safety Inspections of project materials will take place March 24th - April 1st.
  • Pre-Interview Judging will take place March 24th - April 7th.
  • Grand Award Judging Interviews will be conducted Thursday, April 8th.
  • Special Award Judging Interviews will be conducted at a time TBD. 
  • Student Choice and Poster Art Contest ballots are due via Survey Monkey on Friday, April 9th.
  • Live Guest Speaker - Paul Anderson from Lockheed Martin will be Saturday, April 10th via TBD.
  • Live Grand Awards Ceremony will be held Saturday, April 10th.
  • Pre-recorded Special Awards Ceremony will be available TBD.
  • Public Viewing of projects on zFairs will be April 9th - 16th. 

Once chosen to represent a Regional Science Fair at the CSEF, each STUDENT finalist must:

Please note that each Regional Science Fair has their own personalized registration deadline at which point, all students' paperwork, abstract submissions and registrations MUST be turned in to the CSEF Director. Check the Finalist Handbook, page 4 for details.

Finalist Registration Corrections

CSEF Finalists needing to make corrections to their registration information should email those corrections to the CSEF Director (csef@colostate.edu). Please DO NOT submit a new registration! Corrections will be accepted through Friday, March 13, 2020.

ALL students presenting at the Colorado Science & Engineering Fair MUST follow the display & safety regulations outlined in the Finalist Handbook (page 11). The following are a few items that are typical problems found by Display & Safety Inspectors during check-in:

  • Students must have their ISEF or CSEF forms with them at their project.

  • ALL photographs, images, graphics, data tables, graphs, etc. must be credited (even if everything was done by the student). Items from the Internet must have the specific URL for that image (do not credit Google Images).

  • No glass or glass objects are allowed at the display (this includes equipment used for the project).

  • No live or dried plant material is allowed at the display.

  • No food is allowed as part of the display (students may have snacks and drinks for their own consumption, but that is all).

  • No chemicals or water (other than for consumption by the student) is allowed as part of the display.

  • No laser pointers are allowed to be used during judging.

  • No sharp objects may be part of the display.

We encourage students, parents and teachers to give the Board of Directors feedback on their experience each year in order to maintain a high level of excellence. Please use the appropriate link below to complete an on-line survey about the 2020 CSEF held at Colorado State University - Fort Collins April 2, 3, & 4.

Finalist Survey

Adult Survey

The following are publications that students and teachers may find useful.

  • The CSEF Middle School Rules & Guidelines (pdf) is an option for only 6th - 8th grade students to use instead of the Regeneron ISEF forms. If a student uses these rules and forms, they must follow ALL of the rules for middle school students and not pick and choose between the Regeneron ISEF forms and rules and these.
  • The CSEF Finalist Handbook (pdf) includes the necessary information students who have qualified to compete at the CSEF need.
  • The CSEF Program (pdf) includes all of the Finalists' project information and CSEF program information for the days of the science fair.
  • The CSEF Awards Ceremony Program (pdf) includes information on the organizations that provide the special awards.

As an incentive to participate and to reward outstanding research, the CSEF offers many different types of awards to the students entered into the CSEF each year.

  • Grand Awards of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Honorable Mention are awarded in each of the 12 categories for both the Junior (6-8 grades) and Senior (9 - 12 grades) Divisions.
  • Student Choice Awards of a trophy, certificate and $100 are given in both the Junior and Senior Divisions. Finalists vote for their favorite project (ballots are due by 2 p.m. on Friday of the CSEF).
  • A Poster Art Contest (pdf) is held where any student in Colorado may submit an entry for the next year's artwork for the Finalists to vote on. The winner receives a certificate and $100. Their artwork will be printed on the covers of next year's CSEF publications.
  • Technical Writing Awards (pdf) are available to students in both the Junior Division (Elemer Bernath Memorial Technical Writing Award) and Senior Division (Ralph Desch Memorial Technical Writing Award). To be considered for this award, students must prepare a technical report as if they were planning on being published in a scientific or technical journal. The winners of these awards receive a certificate, $100 and his/her work published on the CSEF web site.
  • Pioneers of Science Awards are personally sponsored by the Board of Directors and the winners are chosen based on their enthusiasm for their project and their future potential as a scientist as decided by the sponsoring board member. Each winner receives a certificate, information on the pioneer of science the award is named for and $50.
  • Special Awards and Scholarships are provided by a variety of scientific organizations, businesses and universities according to criteria that they set. Check out the latest list of Special Award Organizations along with the criteria for the award and which CSEF categories are eligible for the award.

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